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New Kitchen / Bedroom Installation

Customer information

Before we arrive:

1. Please empty the kitchen/bedroom of all of its contents. For worktop installation only, please remove contents from any top drawers, corner cupboards and sink unit.

2. For kitchen installations, please set yourself up with an area away from the kitchen for making tea and if required a toaster and microwave.

3. Protect carpets and floors - it is a good idea to put dust sheets down on hall and bedroom carpets etc.

4. we do not recommend customers laying a new cushion flooring before we fit as this may get damaged. If you already have a new kitchen floor fitted before the installation please let us know before we start so we can discuss protection during the fit.

5. Prepare a location to store the new kitchen when it is delivered. We need space to work, so it not practical to have the new kitchen stored in the existing kitchen space unless you have a clear area of approximately  3m x 3m. One of our first jobs after removing your old kitchen is marking out the position of new kitchen units with a 360 degree laser, for this process to take place we need a clear line of site for all areas of the room that are having units installed. Also consider where you will store your worktops, these need to be stored flat somewhere that is protected from moisture if you are having standard laminate or solid wood worktops.

Waste Removal

The council will not allow trades to take waste to the local tip. There are a few options to consider -

1. Arrange to take the rubbish to the local tip yourself.

2. Order a skip. We are happy to do this on your behalf. Current prices from local skip providers are: 4cyd - £190, 8cyd - £300

3. Ask your local Council to collect bulky items such as appliances. The charge is £15 per item (£10 for OAP's). Tel 0300 123 8123 or go online -

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