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IKF Chester Ltd, who are they and what's my relationship with them?

IKF Chester Ltd is owned and run by my parents, Sue and Pete Concannon. Up until 2018, I worked for IKF as Workshop manager & fitter. During 2018 I left to become a self-employed kitchen fitter, this coincided with IKF Chester closing their main workshop and outsourcing cabinet manufacturing to a reputable local company that took IKF Chester's exact design specification and makes the cabinets to order.

Why do I prefer fitting kitchens supplied by IKF Chester?

There are many reasons but here are a few of the most important:

They are well-designed kitchens.

I can communicate directly with the designer if there is a problem on-site rather than going through the customer. This leads to much less hassle for the customer.

Because I used to oversee manufacturing, I understand completely the design ethos and intricacies of their design and installation.

What makes IKF Chester kitchens different?

Simply put, they can make cabinets any size.

For example, many kitchen companies only make one size of L shaped corner base unit and if this doesn’t fit, they use a blind corner unit with poor access. IKF Chester can adjust the size of the unit to the space so a 931x931mm corner base unit could be, for example, 1031x830mm taking up more space where available and shrinking if necessary.

IKF Chester limits the number of kitchen designs taken on within any one month which enables them to offer each customer great attention to detail.

Pete has a wealth of experience gained over 45 years of fitting, 20 years designing kitchens, 10 years manufacturing units and so understands every aspect of the industry, all the pitfalls that may occur and can offer good solutions.

Customer service is second to none.  IKF can respond to your queries promptly and efficiently and will go the extra mile to give you straight forward honest advice, organise revisits if necessary and use their knowledge of products available to try and find the perfect door, worktop or handle for your kitchen.

Find out more about me, Andrew Concannon here..

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